technical review

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technical review

Postby mark » Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:43 am

hi Cody, and every one else,
your feedback is welcomed:
100m. masters athlete, age 43. - mid race - white vest with grey shorts.
short video at the link below.
thanks ... ?e=6525853

My own thoughts on how my sprinting is progressing. Feel free to comment.

- some good plantar flexion prior to ground contact resulting in stronger ankle with less collapse than before. Consequently heel lifts quicker prior to toe off. This is improved but still requires more attention from previous races.
- 'figure 4' position made a little late. However the free or swing leg has passed the stance leg as force is applied.
- stance leg could be stiffer on ground contact.
- stance leg thigh travels too far behind hips after force is applied to the ground. Quicker thigh switch in the flight phases required.
- good vertical displacement.
- hips are high and no forward rotation of the pelvis.
- knee lift is too high resulting in too much time off the ground.
- Improvements in stride frequency still to be made.

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Re: technical review

Postby athlete.x » Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:42 pm

Hey Mark,

Did you see the comments I left on your blocks video in the Hudl app?

Overall your upright sprinting looks pretty good. You might be able to get away with pushing less at top speed.

Aim to progress from step one from
  • Longer ground contacts to shorter ground contacts
  • Lower stride frequency to higher stride frequency
  • Lower body angle to upright body angle

I think when we sell ourselves short in the first 10m by over-rotating (too much frequency without enough time pushing each step), we end up burning all of our gas and then have to default back to longer pushes later in the race. Whereas, if you use the first 10m to have a greater impulse each step by pushing for just a few miliseconds longer, then allow yourself to naturally progress to shorter GCT's and more bouncy steps, you'll use energy well and things should fall into place.

Hope this makes sense. If not, don't hesitate to ask!

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